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Rigobert Dittmann | Bad Alchemy Magazin (91)


....den psycho-akustischen Kontakt suchende Konzeptkunst, die mit markantem Schliff eine sinnliche Wahrnehmung von bewegter Ortserkundung verschafft......


(conceptual art that searches the psycho-acoustic contact and, with a striking cut, provides a sensual perception of moving local exploration ......)




Beach Sloth


....the embodiment of tactile sound.....


Mindfulness reigns over the contemplative performance of Kg Augenstern’s “Tentacles”.




Frans de Waard | VITAL WEEKLY


Very captivating.....






...not only an especially tactile aural diary of the journey but also a sound document that sensitizes the listener to the subtle differences in sound properties....


....a fascinating and engrossing project.....




Aurelio Cianciotta | Neural


...creating a tactile sound, almost sculptural in its frictional effects, which always return to spaces and architectures. The sounds are literally scraped from the surface but also diluted in the flow of the narration of each crossing.




Pierre Cécile | Le son du grisli


....Et cela ne tient pas qu’à l’architecture du pont, non : en tendant bien l’oreille on nous dit que leurs bruits sont propres aux uns et aux autres....


(and it`s not only about the architecture of bridges, by listening very carefully, it gives us an idea, that the sounds are individual, one by one..)




Annick Rivoire | poptronics


....ils expérimentent à bord de leur péniche, l’Anuschka, un art sonore de la navigation.....


A l’écoute, le voyage est au rendez-vous, étrange, poétique, révélant un inframonde, entre field recording et geste artistique.


(...they are exploring on their boat "Anuschka" a sound art of navigation...


While listening, you participate in the journey, strange and poetic, revealing an intermediate world between field recording and artistic gesture.)




Łukasz Komła | Nowamuzyka.pl


Warstwę dźwiękową, jaką znajdziemy na albumie „Tentacles” ciężko jest zestawić z czymkolwiek, jej charakter sprawia, iż obcujemy z czymś w rodzaju odrealnionej, wyizolowanej (pomijając odgłosy ptaków, aut, fragmenty rozmów) strefy psychoakustycznych wrażeń dźwiękowych silnie rezonujących z percepcją słuchacza.


(The sound layers which can be found on the album "Tentacles" are hard to compare with anything. Its character makes, that we associate a sort of unreal, isolated (ignoring the sounds of birds, cars, fragments of conversations) zone of psychoacoustic audio experience strongly resonating with the perception of the listener.)


Tentacles CD/BOOK 2020

Crcles and Cycles

published by Gruenrekorder