Installation, 130x130x230cm, wood, plexiglass, glass, loudspeakers, 4 mp3 players (2012)


In the east of Berlin, on the waterfront of the Spree, there is the tower building of the Allianz insurance.


In the course of the day the appearance of the facade is changing permanently through the opening and closing of the blinds or the turning on an off of the illumination in the different rooms.The work takes on the aforementioned changes on 09/12/2011, and translates them into colours and sounds. It shows a mosaic of coloured glass stones on each of the four sides.Each of these mosaic surfaces is divided in 24 fields referring to the condition of the building on the 24 full hours of the day.


A tower-like, partially closed sculpture was produced, and can be entered by the visitors.The coulour patterns of the mosaic, like a score, are converted into electronically generated sounds. The 24 hours are condensed to 240 seconds in the composition.


The viewer hears the sounds when entering the installation.